St. John of God Eye Clinic

Headed by Dr Chris Kennedy and Dr Charlotte McKnight, our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and management of cataract, macular degeneration, macular oedema, diabetic retinopathy and other diabetic eye problems, retinal tear and detachment, retinal vein occlusion, vitreous haemorrhage, the entire range of other retinal diseases, lid and oculoplastic surgery, pterygium and glaucoma. We offer a wide spectrum of medical treatment that includes laser, vitreoretinal surgery, cataract surgery, intravitreal drug injections and oculoplastic surgery.

We specialize in dealing with the more serious end of the spectrum of eye disease and we provide immediate care for patients with urgent, sight-threatening eye conditions. Please contact us for advice in the event of sudden loss of sight or rapidly deteriorating vision. We constantly monitor emails as well as all information sent to us via this website, even outside normal clinic hours.

We always aim to deliver excellent medical care in a courteous and caring manner. Our team is dedicated to supporting our patients through their treatments, responding promptly to queries and providing timely information and assistance.


We are pleased to have a close, highly effective working relationship with optometrists and are very happy to review images that are sent to us by optometrists. We provide rapid feedback on the OCT scans and digital fundus photos taken by optometrists to assist in diagnosis, advise on management, and help triage patients by determining the medical urgency of appointments. Our clinic is geared to handle emergencies so when forwarded images show urgent retinal problems, such as wet macular degeneration, we can often see such patients on that same day. This website allows your images to be uploaded directly to us for review. Please do not hesitate to phone us directly for immediate assistance.


St John of God Eye Clinic is a medical and surgical ophthalmology specialty clinic. Our patients are referred to us by other ophthalmologists (medical eye specialists), by other doctors (GPs, physicians and surgeons), and by optometrists. Medicare provides a restricted rebate toward the cost of care if a valid referral from another doctor or optometrist has not been provided prior to the time of the appointment. The solitary exception to this rule is the case of a true, acute eye emergency, such as a sudden retinal detachment or severe eye injury. We kindly request all patients to check prior to their upcoming appointment that they have a referral that Medicare will accept as valid for that appointment. Referrals typically expire within three months if provided by another eye specialist, physician or surgeon, but are valid for a year if provided by a GP or optometrist.

We generally need to receive each patient’s referral prior to making an appointment. Appointments are not delayed at all by this requirement. On the contrary, it allows medically urgent problems to be classified as such, enabling immediate, same-day attention when necessary. Apart from allowing us to determine the urgency of each patient’s presenting problem and book an appointment within a medically appropriate time frame, receiving referrals up front allows us to determine the specific set of diagnostic tests that will be required to sort out each patient’s eye problems prior to their arrival. This maximizes the efficiency of each patient’s visit and minimizes the chance that a patient has to return for additional tests that could have been performed on the initial visit.


St John of God Eye Clinic is located at Suite 206 within the Subiaco Clinic building at the northeast corner of St John of God Hospital, 25 McCourt Street, Subiaco. The clinic and hospital are situated within the inner metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia. Parking is available within the hospital grounds and nearby. The clinic is also well served by public transport (train and bus). Click on the contact us tab at the top right of this page for further information regarding parking and transport.


How can we help?We accept referrals for:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Cataract and lens problems
  • Retinal tear & detachment
  • All other retinal disorders
  • Emergency eye problems
  • Rapidly deteriorating vision
  • Impaired central vision or reading ability
  • And More